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How do Necromancers celebrate the holidays?

Hey guys! So today we will jump right in and talk about the Holidays! Even if someone is not religious, it’s still fun to celebrate! That’s why, even on Tarune, they celebrate this time of year! In the world of Necromancers’ Pride, this time of celebration is called the Feasttide. Many cultures celebrate different things. […]

Introducing our newest guest blogger, CAIYA ROSE!!

Made-Up Worlds In a lot of the books I’ve read, there have been amazing made-up fantasy worlds! Like in a few books, like Necromancers’ Pride or in The Hobbit, there had been awesome scenes and places that only your imagination can help create. My imaginary world would be something like this: “In the way the […]

Relax, kick off your shoes and stay awhile.

As I emerge from my food coma, the thing I am most thankful for now is that I am able to see through the haze of turkey, roast and all the trimmings to actually be able to write this. Oh, what a great feast day we had! When I wasn’t swimming in rivers of gravy, […]