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How do Necromancers celebrate the holidays?

Hey guys! So today we will jump right in and talk about the Holidays! Even if someone is not religious, it’s still fun to celebrate! That’s why, even on Tarune, they celebrate this time of year! In the world of Necromancers’ Pride, this time of celebration is called the Feasttide. Many cultures celebrate different things. […]

How do powerful spirits battle? Jason’s Blog

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! Today is the dramatic conclusion of this two-part story of the early history of Tarune. As with all my blogs, this is just my take on the history of Tarune. Wouldn’t it be cool if it was real? After Kaxier was banished. Something felt strange… Kaxier’s presence was still looming over […]

Caiya’s Blog: Necromancers’ Pride meets the Modern World (Part IV)

Okay…let’s dive right in and get to the point. I love Harper. I think she is amazing. I love her fire (just like her hair), her spirit and her ability to be so cheerful. She has the ability to keep her spirits up, even in the face of difficult situations. I love how she is […]

Jason’s Blog: The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune – The Wind Lock

The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune: The Wind Lock Hello Everyone! Happy Friday! DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story that I created. This is not part of the Necromancers Pride storyline or lore, but I think this would be a neat addition. Have you ever wondered what happened if a wind song became lost and trapped for […]

Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Spiritual Whip

Spell: Spiritual Whip Strand: Necromantic School: Soul Primary component minerals: Onyx intensifies effect, but unnecessary in spell casting  Application: Temporal flagellation  This spell is one of the more vicious in the Necromantic arsenal. A spell that has no application other than to cause suffering and torture, the Spiritual Whip is meant to to be a tool of fear and […]