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Hump Day

I, for one, have been on an interesting journey, moving from where I began on this trek to create the world of Tarune, to where I find myself now. Now, we have remade our image. Both D.W. and I have grown, and concurrent with our growth, so has the world of Tarune. I bring this up […]

Caiya’s Blog: The Maskav

Hey guys, For this week, I’m not going to do any fashion post. This week, I’m writing about the Maskav. Think of it like… an early Halloween—my favorite holiday. This post is just a figure of my imagination. It would be cool if it existed. The Maskav are a group of people, their number uncertain, […]

Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Grimborn

Spells: Grimborn Strand: Necromancer  School: Soul Primary component minerals: A willing Soul, the rest are unknown Application: Death and destruction Grimward. There is no legend that elicits more pure dread and fear in all of the Known Kingdoms, indeed, in all of Tarune, than that of the dark creatures known as Grimward. Little is known of the horrid […]

Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Spiritual Whip

Spell: Spiritual Whip Strand: Necromantic School: Soul Primary component minerals: Onyx intensifies effect, but unnecessary in spell casting  Application: Temporal flagellation  This spell is one of the more vicious in the Necromantic arsenal. A spell that has no application other than to cause suffering and torture, the Spiritual Whip is meant to to be a tool of fear and […]

Caiya’s Blog: A Day in the Life – Healers

A Day in the Life of a Healer Hey guys! So, today I am planning to write about what to do if you plan to be a Healer in Tarune. Here is a typical day’s schedule in Juilena’s Healing Spa. Juilena’s Healing Spa: because everyone needs healing through their soul, mind, and body. ********************* Once you […]