Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Grimborn


Spells: Grimborn

Strand: Necromancer 

School: Soul

Primary component minerals: A willing Soul, the rest are unknown

Application: Death and destruction

Grimward. There is no legend that elicits more pure dread and fear in all of the Known Kingdoms, indeed, in all of Tarune, than that of the dark creatures known as Grimward. Little is known of the horrid abominations, and even that is mostly conjecture and speculation.

Creations of the Necromancers, the Grimward represent the most powerful manifestation of magical power. In point of fact, there is no spell that harnesses the full usage of the magics in an offensive manner from any Strand as does the spell of Grimborn. Even the most powerful of Battle Magi evocations cannot come close to the sustained power of the Grimborn spell.

That is because Grimborn, as the name implies, creates the living nightmares known as the Grimward. Though accounts of Grimward have existed for thousands of years since the splintering of the magics into the Strands that exist today, their myth was made reality in the Battle of the Mourning Night. Created as a counter to the power of the Mad Oracles, the Grimward were the deadly vanguard that spearheaded the final assault against the Oracles at The Foundering.

The Grimborn spell itself is shrouded in mystery. All that is known is that it takes a wicked, evil and twisted soul to willingly give himself or herself to the Necromancers. A soul, no matter how dark, cannot be forced to be Grimward. The soul must desire the change. People seeking to become Grimward are the most perverse and horrible of humans in life. A contemplation of the punishments that await them in the planes beyond this world, along with a desire for otherworldy power, make the decision for these malevolent beings seem simple. It is said that the torture and ceaseless hunger that drive the Grimward to hate with such pernicious abandon is not worth the power they gain in the transformation from human to beast. No one can say with certainty, though, because no one has ever had a personal encounter with the Grimward and survived to tell the tale.

The spell of creation itself is a long, taxing and arduous one. It is said that in Tarune today, only two or three Necromancers have the power to create the Grimward at all. Immediately after the apocalypse of the Mourning Night, the United Council of the Strands of the Magi banned the creation of Grimward because of their power and insatiable appetite for destruction. However, stories are beginning to surface once again of Grimward stalking the land in the wilds of the distant Nortgard. For the sake of all goodly beings on Tarune, let us hope that stories are all they will ever be.

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