How do Necromancers celebrate the holidays?

Hey guys!

So today we will jump right in and talk about the Holidays!

Even if someone is not religious, it’s still fun to celebrate!

That’s why, even on Tarune, they celebrate this time of year! In the world of Necromancers’ Pride, this time of celebration is called the Feasttide. Many cultures celebrate different things. Even the various Magi of the different Schools of the Magics celebrate differently. So, I will tell you about my version of the traditional Necromantic holiday.

Food: Fringed Roast Boar, Orphan Tears, and chocolate cupcakes infused with essence of bone dust!

Can’t you just feel the holiday spirit?

Gift exchange usually includes: skeletons of the receiver’s fallen enemies, deadly poisons, and spell books wrapped in a gold ribbon.

How considerate! How nice is their holiday, huh? I think they have so much…ahem, fun.

And you might not know this, but Necromancers are BIG on beanies…especially slouched ones. Although, they do like the cuffed ones, too. I’m just saying…

Thanks guys! That’s it for today! I hope your holidays are wonderful!

What do you think about the Necromancers’ gift exchange?

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