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Introducing our newest guest blogger, CAIYA ROSE!!

Made-Up Worlds In a lot of the books I’ve read, there have been amazing made-up fantasy worlds! Like in a few books, like Necromancers’ Pride or in The Hobbit, there had been awesome scenes and places that only your imagination can help create. My imaginary world would be something like this: “In the way the […]

Storm of Shadows is ONE week away!

LET THE FANFARE BEGIN!!!¬†Shout it from the mountains and sing it from the rooftops. In ONE WEEK, that’s right, ONE WEEK, NECROMANCERS’ PRIDE – STORM OF SHADOWS WILL ARIVE!! The art is in place. The edits have been made. The characters are poised for battle and the clock is ticking. It has been such an […]

Look who’s got his copy!

Word is spreading near and far, far away. He’s got his copy. What are you waiting for? Book 3 in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga – Storm of Shadows, arrives on November 25th! Now is the perfect time to get the first two books and get caught up on all the action and adventure. CLICK HERE […]

Surprises are wonderful things.

Surprises can be wonderful things. The unknown and unexpected, though often scary, can be filled with excitement and an energy that infuses everything with newness and a spark of creativity. I bring up surprises for two reasons. First, we will soon be announcing a surprise that we feel is sure to bring a smile to […]

Who’s you favorite Character?

It is amazing how much our characters become a part of us. This became very apparent to me yesterday as D.W and I were hard at work editing book 3 of the Necromancers’ Pride Saga – Storm of Shadows. The chapter we were going over dealt with several characters¬†we care for very deeply. So, I […]