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The J. Spade Chronicles : GodMode!

D.W. and I are happy, excited and honored to announce that we are diversifying our skills and branching out. WADE VALIANT, our multi-media production and publishing company, which has brought you the Necromancers’ Pride saga, is now proud to present to you the first book in the J.Spade Chronicles GODMODE! The debut novel of the […]


Book 3 in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga –  STORM OF SHADOWS, is being released tomorrow!! It’s as simple as that. The story of the Lyndrian slave girl Velladriana and Corwyn, the Oslyn warrior who rescued her from dangerous kidnapers and deadly assassins, picks up full speed tomorrow! That’s right! In less than 24 hours you […]

It’s coming like a Storm Of Shadows!

Several day is all that separates us from the release of the latest novel in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga – Storm of Shadows! Tuesday, November 25th is the critical day and we need your help! Just like the Weavers, we will be singing this song on the wind a lot over the next few days. […]

Storm of Shadows is ONE week away!

LET THE FANFARE BEGIN!!! Shout it from the mountains and sing it from the rooftops. In ONE WEEK, that’s right, ONE WEEK, NECROMANCERS’ PRIDE – STORM OF SHADOWS WILL ARIVE!! The art is in place. The edits have been made. The characters are poised for battle and the clock is ticking. It has been such an […]