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Chance encounters

One never knows what form happenstance might take. One rarely, if ever, can foresee the random interplay of chance in one’s life. One seldom gets away with calling oneself “one” for very long. I guess that’s just the pedantic writer in me. Aside from my “oneness,” I talk about chance because I just had a […]

The Write Stuff Interview of us!

Hi, everyone. Raymond Bolton, the amazing author of Awakening and Thought Gazer, has just posted an interview he did on us. D.W. and I are humbled and honored to have been interviewed by such a thoughtful and talented writer. We hope you enjoy the read. Just click the link below. The Write Stuff – Monday, […]

Necessitating Invention

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention, giving birth to new ideas and innovation. New ways to travel, new stories to read, new worlds to discover have all been created because of the need to expand and make better our reality. Well, D.W. and I have been chatting with our inventive mother […]

Caiya’s Blog: Quotes

  Quotes I think that there are a lot of quite brilliant quotes out in books today. Like one my friend, an aspiring author, wrote on a free publishing site called Wattpad: “Oh yeah one more thing. I was staring at you because my eyes could not resist the beauty amongst the room. Constellation, I […]

Storm of Shadows is ONE week away!

LET THE FANFARE BEGIN!!! Shout it from the mountains and sing it from the rooftops. In ONE WEEK, that’s right, ONE WEEK, NECROMANCERS’ PRIDE – STORM OF SHADOWS WILL ARIVE!! The art is in place. The edits have been made. The characters are poised for battle and the clock is ticking. It has been such an […]