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I think that there are a lot of quite brilliant quotes out in books today. Like one my friend, an aspiring author, wrote on a free publishing site called Wattpad:

“Oh yeah one more thing. I was staring at you because my eyes could not resist the beauty amongst the room. Constellation, I am deeply in love with you.” -Tape from Constellation by 0QueenCreative0 on Wattpad.

See what I mean? And she’s only twelve. Also, my Wattpad is “FluffehMouse” if you want to follow or check out what I write and/or read. I am one of those authors that writes in every different type of genre. Anyway, more to the quotes. A few quotes from Necromancers’ Pride are:

“The woman will take care of what the man cannot.” -Harper

“Kindness, Claxis, I don’t just reserve it for sniveling little nobles.” -Dolthaia

“I’m ready for some trouble if you want to be about it!” -Eryk

“We are honored to have you here. It is truly the realization of a lifetime of dreams.” -Laycindial

“Then it is time for me to visit my armory, to prepare to do battle with the nightmares made flesh.” -Remus

Those are some my favorite quotes so far, and I have one of my own:

“Life is like a game of checkers. Every move and choice counts, so choose wisely. And when you’re pressed up against a corner, then someone can either save you, or you can take a chance.” ~ Caiya

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