The J. Spade Chronicles : GodMode!

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D.W. and I are happy, excited and honored to announce that we are diversifying our skills and branching out.

WADE VALIANT, our multi-media production and publishing company, which has brought you the Necromancers’ Pride saga, is now proud to present to you the first book in the

J.Spade Chronicles



The debut novel of the talented new author’s O.K. Mills and Enji Jones is an fast paced, action packed, suspense thrill ride that will entertain and intrigue you from the very first page.

To this dynamic writing duo, what can we say? Not only are they brilliant writers, but comrades-in-arms in the quest to bring new and fresh literary voices to the genre of Fantasy/Science-Fiction. They have supported us unceasingly in the creation of the world of Necromancers’ Pride. From Quest for Elderstone, through Tides of War and now to Storm of Shadows, O.K. Mills & Enji Jones have stood by us every step of the way with encouraging words and thoughtful critiques.

D.W. and I want to thank you guys for everything you have added to our process of creativity. We also would like to sing your praises and introduce to our readers your latest novel:

Book 1 of the J. Spade Chronicles – GODMODE. Decorated war hero turned devout man of peace, J. Spade, must protect a young girl who is believed to have the Godmode ability. In the midst of chaos, she is being relentlessly pursued by a madman bent on siphoning her gift, thereby turning himself into a modern day God.

O.K. Mills & Enji Jones take great pride in creating a rich world with characters that are three dimensional and fully realized. Love them or hate them, you will always be moved by them.

CLICK HERE to get your copy of The J.Spade Chronicles – GodMode.

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