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Top 3 Favorite Fantasy Characters

Here they are, my TOP 3 fantasy characters. There were hundreds to choose from, but I was moved by the characters that moved me the most. And hey, we don’t have the hours and hours it would take for me to give you a full list, but here is a good jumping off point. Each […]

What’s YOUR favorite?

As authors and storytellers, D.W. and I have myriad influences that have contributed to who we are and how we view and relate to the world. In the world we have created, the world of Necromancers’ Pride, once again, there are many influences on how we envisioned it and brought it to life. I would […]

Who Motivates You?

The radio stations around town do it, so I thought I would follow suit and give it a try, as well. Thanks KLOS. Two classic songs for the price of one. Instead of songs, however, I have writers. Two classic writers, two of my inspirations, in point of fact. I have been reflecting on what […]

Blocking Writer’s Block

Yesterday, I hit a wave of negative energy. It was harsh and abrasive, kind of like your first kiss with braces. I would recommend waiting until all metallic items are out of delicate areas before commencing in anything remotely passionate. However, I digress. That negative feeling washed over me and I just couldn’t shake it […]