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And the winner is…?!?

And around the final turn they come, folks. It looks like it’s a three pony race, now. Aragorn is still out in front, but Jason is firmly pressed on his hip pocket like a tick dug in for the winter. Caiya is making a strong accounting of her self in third, creeping along the outside. […]

What’s gotten Aragorn fired up!?! Intro Face-off!

Meet Aragorn. Yeah, you heard it correctly…Aragorn. You mean like…? Yes, we mean like… Lord of the You Know What, Aragorn. Awesome name for an awesome young man. We are glad to present our inaugural Necromancers’ Pride intro face-off. Over the next few days, you will get to see some of the great intros that we’ve shot. Who […]

Do you fear the Viper’s Legion? MAGAZINE MONDAY

Magazine Monday…ON MONDAY! We’ve got to keep you on your toes, so Magazine Monday is back to being Monday…for now. On the cover is the one and only Aragorn. He is in stealth mode, rocking his Viper’s Legion Series Symbol Snapback Cap as he melds into the shadows. Who knows what tricks he has planned? Whatever […]

Blocking Writer’s Block

Yesterday, I hit a wave of negative energy. It was harsh and abrasive, kind of like your first kiss with braces. I would recommend waiting until all metallic items are out of delicate areas before commencing in anything remotely passionate. However, I digress. That negative feeling washed over me and I just couldn’t shake it […]