And the winner is…?!?

And around the final turn they come, folks. It looks like it’s a three pony race, now. Aragorn is still out in front, but Jason is firmly pressed on his hip pocket like a tick dug in for the winter. Caiya is making a strong accounting of her self in third, creeping along the outside. She’s trying to make her move, ladies and gents.

And here they are now, in the final straight away. All this energy, all this desire, it comes down to this. Jason is making his push! He’s biting hard a digging in! Caiya is putting up a good fight, but she’s getting distanced now! Aragorn seems to have found another gear folks. Great googlie-mooglie, this one’s going to be a nail biter!

Here’s the stretch! It’s Aragorn, with Jason breathing his air. Caiya close on the flanks!

It’s Aragorn! It’s Jason! It’s Aragorn! It’s Jason!

Neck-and-neck! Neck-and-neck!

And here they are at the finish, and it’s…


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Necromancers’ Pride Facebook Face-off is none other than the Mighty Aragorn, with Jason coming in a close second and Caiya finishing a respectable third! Yes, folks, that was a hum-dinger of a contest.

Now, I know I have mixed my metaphors, giving you boxing last week and horse racing this week. But, come on, nothing says, “race to the finish” like a good old 1920’s horserace announcer.

So there you go. Our first Facebook Face-off is in the books. Stick around, because more good stuff is on the way.

What did you think of the contest?

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