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How do you strike like a Viper?

You have to be fierce. You have to be strong. To strike like a Viper, you have to make a statement. In the world of Necromancers’ Pride, the Viper’s Legions strike with deadly accuracy and savage precision. In this world, the Vipers strike with a sleek style and dynamic presentation. When you cloak yourself in […]

Do you fear the Viper’s Legion? MAGAZINE MONDAY

Magazine Monday…ON MONDAY! We’ve got to keep you on your toes, so Magazine Monday is back to being Monday…for now. On the cover is the one and only Aragorn. He is in stealth mode, rocking his Viper’s Legion Series Symbol Snapback Cap as he melds into the shadows. Who knows what tricks he has planned? Whatever […]

Jason’s Blog: The Nomads (Part II) – The Butcher

The Nomads Part 2: The Butcher Hey guys! Happy Friday! Last week I left you with some vague information for what happened to the convoy of Nomads heading to Sorilan. This week, a story: About a deadly Viper who discovers something interesting. Huge Disclaimer: This is a fictional story, as with my other blogs. It is […]

The Known Kingdoms: The Dueling Sisters – Morilan and Sorilan

Kingdoms of Morilan and Sorilan Government: Monarchies Climate: Cold Population: 2.3 Million – Morilan / 3.5 Million – Sorilan When one speaks of Morilan, it is only right to include Sorilan in the conversation. The Dueling Sisters, as the two kingdoms are known, are locked in a perpetual struggle against each other. The harsh climate of the northeastern […]