Caiya’s Blog: Necromancers’ Pride meets the Modern World (Part VII)

In Necromancers’ Pride there are some great characters. Some are beautiful, some are strong, some are wicked, but all of them are interesting. This week, I want to talk about a character that would definitely have a very distinctive style in our world. She is not only a warrior (which I think I could totally do), but she has other gifts too (no spoilers here).

Her name is Bailia. If she lived in this world, she would DEFINITELY be funky, fun and fierce. I’m thinking she would be a CEO of some major corporation because she is a strong leader.  Just like me, she is someone you wouldn’t want to mess with…of course, the blade tipped spear doesn’t hurt that image.

Thanks for checking in, Priders. That’s it for today.

Until next time…stay posted!


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