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The Widow Watcher (Part I)

Blog – The Widow Watcher Part 1 Hello Everyone! WELCOME BACK! DISCLAIMER: As with all of my written content, they are fictional tales and are not included into the lore of Necromancers’ Pride. Today and next week, a story about a woman seeking a darker form of revenge. In the capital of Duntheir in the […]

3 MUST have TIPs to give your story sizzle.

What does it take to make a story great? No, not just great…unforgettable. Well, you will find out here. There are many ways to involve readers in your story, but if you do not have this one element, the story will fall as flat as a pancake. Now, as yummy as we all may know pancakes […]

Caiya’s Blog: Rose

Hello people! Once again, today is Wednesday, and I shall be doing another post (this is what you are reading right now). I know, I am apparently being Captain Obvious – anyway! Today I will recount my day very quickly, then on to the actual passage. Enjoy!   Today (Wednesday) is sad for me because […]

Caiya’s Blog: Story Time

Hi again! Today, my readers, will be reading a short story, made by me, for the book of Necromancers’ Pride. Here we go: enjoy. ******************* A lone merchant had been traveling a road for days, looking for merchandise to sell. He came across abandon towns, run down castles and huge mountains, but they had all been […]

The Bookstore

Does anyone remember bookstores? We certainly do. Wonderful places, bookstores. People actually had to go to them to get … wait for it … books! Can you believe it? Yes, it is true. At one time, the only device on which you could read a book was A BOOK. The only place where you could […]