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How to write a BRILLIANT blog!

Hey guys! Today we will talk about knowing how to do a good blog post! (Because I have no idea what to write about!) Alright! There are a few simple steps, as well as some to add ~flavor~ to your post. Tips: 1. Proper grammar and spelling. There’s no other way to put this. Please […]

Doing the Excited Dance!

We as humans have some very interesting physiological responses when it comes to reacting to nervousness. Like what? Well, let’s see. Our core temperature rises. Our palms get sweaty. Our heart rate increases. We are given to perspire uncontrollably. We fidget, we pace, we start doing the pee-pee dance even though we really don’t have […]

Caiya’s Blog: Story Time

Hi again! Today, my readers, will be reading a short story, made by me, for the book of Necromancers’ Pride. Here we go: enjoy. ******************* A lone merchant had been traveling a road for days, looking for merchandise to sell. He came¬†across abandon towns, run down castles and huge mountains, but they had all been […]