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How to write a BRILLIANT blog!

Hey guys! Today we will talk about knowing how to do a good blog post! (Because I have no idea what to write about!) Alright! There are a few simple steps, as well as some to add ~flavor~ to your post. Tips: 1. Proper grammar and spelling. There’s no other way to put this. Please […]

New names and new faces are joining us here in 2015!

It is said that great works of art are seldom completed without help. When it comes to the art and craft of writing, that is especially true. When D.W. and I sat down so long ago to begin penning the first manuscript that would become Necromancers’ Pride, we had no idea how much help we […]

SUCCESSFUL people don’t reach their goals alone!

In order to be in business you must stay in business. In other words, having a successful launch of a company is not enough. Once the fan fair and initial hype dies down, you must have a quality product that will continue to generate interest. Friends are great, they are always there to offer congratulations […]

Vitality is the key.

With a successful release of the book (Thank You all for that), D.W. and I now have our sights set on the future. It is one thing to enjoy the victory of the moment, it is completely another to rest on your laurels, no matter how large those laurels might be. Hey, come on, keep […]

Excerpt Wednesday

Hi, everyone. Thank you for making the launch of NECROMANCERS’ PRIDE – QUEST FOR ELDERSTONE such a HUGE success! By the way, if you haven’t downloaded a copy, CLICK HERE to get yours today! D.W. and I wanted to shake things up and present to you our new schedule of events here in our burgeoning community. Mondays […]