Greetings and salutations, fellow Priders!

OK, this is one of my favorite pictures. Why? It pulls back the veil a bit behind what we are doing and allows you a glimpse into our workings. I know what you are thinking: that’s not some dusty, dark and cluttered writing space where piles of loose papers are scattered across some old, weather-beaten, wooden desk alongside empty coffee mugs and little dragon figurines. That place looks neat, organized and next level high tech.

Well, you’re right. We at Necromancers’ Pride are doing things next level and high tech. We need to in order to bring you the interactive experience we plan to provide. Neat and organized…yep, that’s what we are.

Sidebar: The piles of loose papers and clutter are at my house. I don’t drink coffee, though. That was just artistic license to better set the mood.

With the launch of the online store just a few days away, D.W. thought – and I wholeheartedly agree – that it would be cool to let you see some of the work that goes into the work of creating our world. We may write in fantasy, but we live in technology. This is where the two worlds meet. After all, how do you suppose it is that you are reading this?

Disclaimer: Although, I must say, I personally think it would be awesome if you were reading this on a large piece of frayed parchment, in lettering that was delicately inked in the fine, masterful strokes of a calligrapher and delivered to you through a magical enchantment. But…I guess that’s just the poet in me.

Now, since I take it that is not how you receive information, we indeed have to meld our sorcery with the scientific. We are glad to be able to do this, just as we are glad to give you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our fashion, fun and growing world of Necromancers’ Pride!

How do you like seeing our world coming together?

This is your community. Share with us.

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