Mastering Lazy Days!

Hey guys!

Today I will show you something fun and easy to do! I will show you how to:

Master a Lazy Day

Alright! Everyone needs lazy days!

What are lazy days? You may ask.

Well, everyone needs a day to de-stress. Lazy days are in existence for that purpose. You can put your responsibilities on hold, relax, and not care.

So I am here today to show you how to have the perfect lazy day!

Step 1:

Is it cool enough in your special place for you? Is it warm enough? Does it have that safe energy where you can get sucked into something for hours at a time?

Then you’ve found you cozy spot. The perfect atmosphere.

Step 2:
Coziness Factor

Are you comfortable? Are you comfy in yoga pants, sweats, or pajama bottoms? Maybe shorts?

Is the spot you’re laying/sitting/staring-at-the-ceiling-for-hours–thinking-about-about-life’s-great-mysteries comfortable?

If you aren’t, or maybe wanna add a bit more cozy, my recommendation is a pillow nest.

It not that hard. It’s easy to clean up, too!

Here are the directions:
1. Get all the pillows and a few blankets in the house or room in one place. CRITICAL: MUST BE COMFY ONES!!!!

2. Make a layer of a blanket on the floor or wherever you plan to relax.

3. Make an outline of the blanket or whatever shape you want out of pillows. (I suggest circle…)

4. Cover it with another blanket.

5. Done!


Step 3:

Convenience Factor

On your lazy days, I doubt you want to cook. Then have to wash the dishes. Then put away the dishes. Then remember your other responsibilities.

For this, I recommend snacks. Since you’re probably not doing anything active, and you don’t wanna feel nasty, I suggest eating something that makes you feel good and doesn’t rot very fast. (So you don’t need to get up.)

Here are some snacks that can last you until you eventually order a pizza:

-Nuts and chocolate
-Pretty much any fruit


Here are some drinks:

-Water (with lemon, if you’re feeling fancy or don’t like the original taste of water)
-Hot chocolate
-Orange juice
-any juice

Step 4:


Now that you are cozy and have your food, what are you gonna do all day?

If you haven’t read it, I suggest a good book like Necromancers’ Pride.

You can also:
-watch tv/YouTube/Netflix/movies
-have a beauty day (whip out that fancy lotion!)
-read other posts on this site

That’s it guys!

Now you’re all cozy, read some Necromancers’ Pride!

Stay posted!


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