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The Gravity Chamber

Hello Everyone! Welcome BACK!


Today another quick blog! Today is The Gravity Chamber.

Disclaimer: As always, this is just my take on the history of the world of Tarune.

During the ancient era of Tarune, many of the earliest settlers were experimenting with the universe and energies around them, creating the strands of the magics we know today. During their mystical journey, some early Oracles discovered a large cave in the Burnt Mesas in Canodria. The cave was a vast network of small cave systems that intertwined with one another. They had no clue what they would discover. The entire chamber had no gravity; it broke the physical barrier from tangible and intangible. The energies flowed through the area. Many of the Magi sought to use this area for spiritual guidance.

One day the cave somehow closed up by itself with no warning. Many believe the Necromancers closed the cave because they did not want power going to the Oracles. The most popular theory is that the cave shut because the universe deemed that the magic users that came to the cave for knowledge had already gained the growth they need for the future in their personal destinies.


That’s all for now! Let me know what you think in the comments! As always, see ya next week!

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