The Widow Watcher (Part II)

Blog – The Widow Watcher Part 2


Holla everyone and welcometh backeth!


Today is the conclusion of The Widow Watcher. Let’s go!

We last left off where Natalia discovered the name of the gang that which killed Jaimes. She wanted to ensure that the murderous and barbaric clan would eternally pay for their behaviors, Natalia turned to Necromancy… Her hatred fueled the dark energies within her and out action to her infamous title. She trekked to the distant Crag Vestis to awaken her inner evil. She trained under her Master, Lord Herral, who gave life to her name. He taught her how to conjure spider minions out of the darkness and hatred.

After months of training and commitment, she felt as if she was ready to attack Brotherhood of the Land. On her way back to Duntheir, she had accidentally come across the gang at a camp based on the outskirts of Cinderwell in Daldra. She unleashed the swarm… She conjured an army of shadow spiders to crawl and infest their demonic power into the hearts of her enemies. The attack to flawless, causing two causes of death in the camp, shock, or death by magic, causing them to be consumed by the darkness. The only one remaining was the leader of the clan. She barged into the tent where he was sleeping and sent forth her swarm. He was seemingly indomitable to the spider attack. He revealed to her that he was a Battle Magi and that he protected himself with a magic barrier to repel dark attacks such as hers.

The final confrontation was about to begin; Necromancer versus Battle Magi. The clan leader unsheathed an enchanted broadsword and readied his stance. Natalia conjured a giant swarm and the battle began. Both of them fought with valor and extraordinary strength. But one emerged from the magic storm alive. From the ashes of magical overload, Natalia and her swarm emerged from the scarred land victorious as the clan leader set dead with spider shades crawling over the body draining the life spark from is very soul… Natalia as claimed her revenge. To this day Natalia is The Widow Watcher who stalks the cities within the Known Kingdoms taking the lives of those who intentionally steal the life of their spouse…

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