Tidbits Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, all! Some days, I will have plenty of time to wax poetic about varied and multiple topics. I will peruse the various mitigating factors that influence the world of fantasy, expounding upon the intricate minutia involved in creating a fully realized world…or at least my take thereon. I will delineate between the differences of YA fantasy and the universally accepted definitions of high fantasy.

Yes, I will do all this and more…but not today.

Why? Well, today, life has gotten in the way. It happens. Two brilliant kids, a wonderful wife, two cats, all pulling on the time of little ol’ me. You’d be surprised how demanding cats can be.

Anyway, since I don’t have time for all that poetic waxing, I thought I would give you a little fun tidbit for your Tuesday. I am thinking about calling it Tidbit Tuesdays, or maybe Tuesday Tidbits. What do you think? It’s a work in progress.

And for your first tidbit: guess who was being considered for the role of Indiana Jones?

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