Jason’s Blog: The Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft (Part II)


The Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft (Part 2)

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

Are you ready to delve deeper into the mystery? Good, because today we have a lot to cover.

When we last left off, we were introduced to the main problem: the murderer killed Mr. Fyre, was subsequently killed and the corpse vanished. Today we introduce who the killers were and what was their purpose for their murders.

Mr. Fyre had a son. His name was Zyk. He devoted his life to Necromantic magics and traveled to Crag Drannon to eventually become a neophyte Necromancer. Zyk’s only interest for joining the work effort to mine Orhalium was to obtain its magical energy for the Necromancer cause. However, he found himself in competition with his own father. Mr. Fyre was a very greedy man and he wanted to sell the Orhalium to make a sizable profit. He kept hoarding the Orhalium in a safe back at his estate in a secluded forest clearing in the Nortgard. The competition was so fierce; it led Zyk to do the unthinkable … patricide: the murder of his own father.

Zyk was the first killer.

There was also a third man interested in the Orhalium. He was a zealous man who would do anything to see the Oracles rise and return to prominence. His name was Millen. Millen was fully aware of Zyk’s Necromantic presence and wanted to keep as much Orhalium away from him as possible. After Mr. Fyre’s murder, Zyk broke into his father’s estate and stole the Orhalium in the safe. He didn’t know he was being followed. Millen, armed with only a crossbow, assassinated Zyk at the estate.

Millen is the second killer.

But wait… wasn’t the second killer undiscovered? The answer is still yes. Here’s why:

The ultimate goal of a Necromancer is to become one with the universal energies when passing into the afterlife, becoming a vibrant spiritual entity in the planes beyond our own. Zyk, being an adapt Necromancer, resurrected himself in a spirit-like form and killed Millen, erasing his corporeal being from the earth. That’s why the body was never found.

After the murders, noises began to erupt from the mineshaft creating more evidence of supernatural beings within the cavern. But multiple questions have not been addressed today: Why? Why did this all happen? What REAL purpose did Zyk have for the Orhalium? And what happened to Millen’s body? There will be no loose ends…. Next Week!!

Let me know what you think happened in the comments! See ya next week!!

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