Caiya’s Blog: Necromancers’ Pride meets the Modern World (Part VI)

Necromancers’ Pride makes me smile! Why? It’s really simple. The story is great, and the forests and the mountains are places I would love to see. I would also love to see some of the interesting creatures that exist in the Known Kingdoms – a flight on a griffox, maybe? The thing that makes me the happiest are the characters.

One character, in particular, makes me really smile. Her name is Mama Weaver. Not only is she funny and quirky in her own strange way, but she is also very wise. It is more than that. As interesting as she is now, her younger life seems to have been very exciting. She is not your typical mature lady (I’m not going to call her old).

In this world, I think that her quirkiness would be reflected in some very cool fashions and style. She is definitely someone I would want to be with in this world.

And for those of you who know, here is a little Peaches and Cream!

That’s it for now, Priders.

Until next time, stay posted.


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