Conflicts and Resolutions

Conflict, we are surrounded by it. ¬†From the older sibling pulling the younger sibling’s hair to the clash of two world superpowers, conflict and its resolution are an integral component of the human condition.

So too, is conflict integral to your story. Without conflict, there is no scene. Without its resolution, there is no impetus for action in your story. As we continue to work on Tides of War, D.W. and I are in the throes of creating viable conflict for our protagonists and antagonists to overcome.

Conflict manifests itself in internal and external fashions. Internally, the characters have to overcome their fears and personal demons. Externally, antagonistic ideologies and environmental factors are examples of sources of conflict to overcome.


In our own lives, that conflict is evident when we write. Internally, we have to struggle with our concerns regarding the decisions we make regarding the story. Are we making the right choices? Are we being true to the characters? Have we done all we can to make the story the best it can be? These are shortcomings that we, as writers, are constantly struggling with. This is the internal struggle.

Externally, we have to cope with temporal deadlines. Can we get our chapters done on time? Can we find enough time during our busy day to get the work done that needs to be handled? Will the book be edited on time? Will the accompanying artwork be ready? We have to contend with all these points of conflict to bring the world of Necromancers’ Pride to life.

As you go about your week, do not let the conflicts that you may face keep you from getting your work accomplished. We are busy in our process, and just want to let you know that we understand conflict and how it affects our lives. It makes us stronger for having gone through it, as it does the characters we create.

How do you overcome the conflicts in you life? How can you use those conflicts to improve your creative process?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

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