Facebook Face-off: Finale!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…we come to the final bout of the contest. This bout is scheduled for one fall, and is sanctioned by the Tarunian Athletic Commission.

This contest is sponsored by Necromancers’ Pride Apparel…where fantasy and fashion meet!

Alright now, check your seats and hold on. We have a classic match-up for you today.

Out of the gold corner, representing the Jaby Koay family…the pint-sized powerhouse, the tornado of 3rd-grade-o, Little Miss Youtube Dynamite …Khloe!

In the blue corner, with eyes like the clear sky after a storm, the stunner with the thunder, the flaxen haired phenom, all the way from the west coast-best coast, the one, the only…Cece!

So, without further ado… IT’S TIME TO UNLEASH THE FURY!

We will let you know the winner of the face-offs next week.

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