Jason’s Blog: Necromancers’ – Duplicitious “Heroes”


Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

Did you guys watch the Super Bowl? Amazing right? Anyways…

Today I would like to talk about a highly debated topic.

The Necromancers’ loyalty to Tarune.

Though the saviors of the Mourning Night, they have a darker plan. After almost completely abolishing any trace of the Oracles, they gained respect from the citizens of Tarune. They called the Necromancers heroes and saviors against the “power crazy Oracles”. The Necromancers knew that any decision they made would have the people’s approval. Most saw through their transparent plans to manipulate their popularity. Their ultimate goal is a sinister plot to merge the living and dead worlds to create one ultimate race over which they can rule. It sounds crazy, but it could work. The final ingredient for this disastrous recipe is the Pride. With the Caredon Cycle approaching its peak, the Necromancers will abuse the Magi of Tarune to accomplish their goal. The Grandmaster of the Necromancers, Necromverde Lord Cartigas has studied other magics to further enhance their control over Tarune. You may have read about Cartigas in the previous posts. However, Cartigas cannot do this task alone. He has other Necromancers like Ronulen set to search for the Pride. Ronulen further contacts the Weaver’s Guild to negotiate terms of the people knowing fully of their treacherous plot.

What do you think about the Necromancers? Heroes? Or traitors? Comment in the comment box and tell me what you think!

You can read much more about Lord Cartigas and Ronulen and their endeavors to capture the Necromancers’ Pride.

See ya next week!

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