Jason’s Blog: Personal Favorites (Part II)


Favorite Scene: Necromancers’ Pride:

Tides of War

Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

Without giving to much away, this week is a continuation of my favorite scenes across the Necromancers’ Pride saga. Today is book two of the Necromancers’ Pride saga, Tides of War!

I’m gonna be honest, this was a tough one.

My favorite scene in Tides of War is when one of our heroes sacrificed themselves to save the Pride. An Act of Valor.

After the fight, it was a gloomy moment for all our traveling companions when they discovered their friend was dead. In my eyes, this person was virtuous. A stable caretaker turned hero of Tarune. In sacrificing oneself to defend the greater good, we can’t help but think that that person was noble, righteous and a good leader. Not only does this show their true character, we fall in love with them no matter what preceded the event. There was a brief foreshadowing of this character’s death previously in Quest for Elderstone. I just thought it wouldn’t happen. I wanted them to get up off the ground, but it was too late, they had made the sacrifice. Did I mention how this scene kicked butt with so much action? An Epic and thrilling confrontation that decides the ultimate fate of the Pride is what we witness. All I can say is WOW.

Like I always say, see ya next week!

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