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Gangsters: The Nomads



Hello everybody! Happy Friday!

Disclaimer: As with all of the content I submit to shieldofdestiny.com, this story is not to be taken as canon. It is intended to add to a fictional, extended universe like quality to the diverse world of Necromancers’ Pride. Wouldn’t be neat if these things were to exist?

On this very fine day I want to discuss the people who turn your fine day into a nightmare. Introducing: The Nomads.

What they do is in the name. They travel around The Known Kingdoms performing crimes that seem impossible to pull-off. Their most significant crime was a heist on the Necromantic Keep of Crag Vestis in Medoic. They stole tome books for initiates who were learning advanced spell-casting. The books were never found again. The Nomads sold the books to an unknown black market organization. This led to people being uncertain about the Necromancer’s defense systems. Other crimes include: raiding convoys, kidnapping and torturing people of high authority, unconventional assassinations, destroying buildings to wipe out other gangs and the crime for which they are most well known: thievery.

Weavers send warning messages when they can to prevent future attacks from the criminals. Yet, somehow, the Nomads elude the Weavers’ projected time of attack and catch their targets off-guard. The Nomads strike whenever they feel fit. It is an enigma to the highest military officials as to the location of the constantly moving organization. The Nomads don’t like to trespass onto restricted Morilan territory for that reason. They prefer to target weaker targets in Devgard and Daldra. When they attack Aldara and other western coastline countries, they have one foe. The Talustrian Raiders. The Nomads fend them off and defend their loot. The Talustrian Raiders are greatly threatened by The Nomads, however they are too intimidated to try and stop them.

When they attempted to strike Morilan, there was one brutal force that The Nomads needed to be cautious about. The Viper’s Legionaries. Vipers from Morilan have sent tracking teams to hunt for the gangsters. They have encountered the gangsters multiple times. Their encounters always lead to The Nomads escaping every time. Until on one rainy day, the Nomads accidentally wandered into Morilander territory. The Nomad company was headed to Sorilan to assassinate a military official, when they encountered the deadliest warrior they have ever faced. One Nomad’s final words before being slain by the warrior in Viper armor was, “The Butcher…”.

Next week, we continue the story of what happens next to the entire Nomad gang!

As always everyone! Seeeeeeeeeeee ya next week!

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