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Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

Two weeks ago I did a blog on the mysterious Whisperers. Since I had so much fun with that, I wanted to create another!

DISCLAIMER: As with all my blogs, these are just my fictional creations to add to the layers of mythology that is the world of Necromancers’ Pride. If I were to create something in the world, it would be this. They don’t really exist…but wouldn’t it be cool if they did?

Introducing, The Ureis.

This unique cult originated in the central country of Therid. The name comes from two siblings from the Urei family who began the cult. The Ureis were a small group of Magi until they revolutionized their thinking into giving the mentally ill a chance for success.

Allied to The Whisperers, The Ureis still have their mouths, but some may argue they don’t have minds. Ureis are hand picked only. Urei leaders believe there are magical opportunities in psychotic people, people who imagine but are convinced their convoluted, imaginary machinations are real. From their perspective, psychotic people are visited by spirits that are used to attempt to guide their lives to their ultimate purpose in life.

What happens next?

Once the next initiate is selected, The eldest Urei conjures a spell to animate the hallucinations of the initiate to conquer their mental capacity. Once the ritual is complete, the new Urei must learn to sacrifice their own physical and subconscious being to the ether realm.

Why? What does this for them?

With no control of any portion of their mind, the Urei believe they are able to become one with the magical world if they give their wholeness of life to  the magi, they will become one with the spiritual beings assigned to enhance their true destines.

There ya go! Another strange cult. Let me know what you think of the Ureis in contrast to The Whisperers in the comments!

See ya next week!

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