Surprise coming tomorrow!

I love surprises! Birthday surprises, holiday surprises, baptismal surprises (ok, I admit there really aren’t too many of those), I love them all. When somebody tells me they have a surprise for me, I am absolutely overjoyed. I am not the type who tries to suss out what it is, though. I don’t need to feel as though I have figured it out. Nope. I just sit back and let the excitement come to me. That is why I love surprise parties to which I am the guest of honor. Instant excitement!

Why am I spending so much exposition on surprise, you might ask? Well … it is because we have one for you. That’s right, D.W. and I have something we are very excited to share with you, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to get it. I know, I know, but anticipation is the zesty fire that keeps desire burning bright.


The need to surprise often supplants most other needs when it comes to writing. As both writers and readers, we want to be taken aback. There is a visceral charge to being taken on a journey and then given a sudden and unexpected turn in the road. As readers, this is what keeps us turning the pages. As authors, this is what inspires us to keep the stories fresh. Indeed, D.W. and I are truly inspired.

As December moves along and we get closer to the release of the novel, we really wanted to do something to let you know how much we appreciate having you as part of our community. As such, the idea for the surprise was born. So, sit back, relax and enjoy your Wednesday, for tomorrow our surprise comes to you!

What have you done to surprise someone close to you?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

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