T.G.I. … Tuesday?

The Tuesday after a three day weekend always makes me smile. Collectively, it does feel like society is back to work, and yet, it seems strangely closer to Friday than a normal Tuesday. That is a pretty cool thing. It did get me to wondering, what it is about certain days that gives them the feel that they have? It is a no brainer that most people love Friday more than Monday, but why? Is it the societal sigh of relief that comes from knowing there is no more work to do? Damn right! Party time!

As I reflect on my life and the road I am currently on, I must admit … I LOVE Fridays! It is true. If you were expecting some deep, philosophical awakening on my part, sorry to disappoint. I love Fridays. I really do. I get to play all weekend with my wife and kids! It’s a blast. However, Mondays are becoming pretty cool too ( I mean, as cool as a Monday can ever be). Why? Thank you for asking. Mondays are becoming cool because I have come to the realization that I truly love what I do. I get to tell people stories! How great is that, huh? I get to sit down and write about adventures in distant, magical worlds. I am allowed the opportunity to open up realms of mysticism and adventure, and weave them together with interesting characters that are driven by real, tangible, visceral emotions and motivations. That is the goal, anyway.

I love what I do

I will say this, it is fun doing what you love. Sure, there have been many bumps along the way, like looking for designers that really understood our vision, and copyeditors who were committed to helping us make the best product possible, but those bumps went a long way to improving our system. By the way, we found AMAZING designers and editors! We will be introducing them to you as we get closer to the novel’s release in January 2014. Repetitive placement, I know, but you can never say, “Hey, those guys never told me when the book was coming out.” That’s because it’s coming out in January 2014 (I just couldn’t resist that one)!

D.W. and I are in the lab, cooking and scheming, working to create new adventures and exciting treks for our characters to undertake. We are so glad that you are coming along on this adventure with us. The excitement that is inherent in creation is fueling our desire to do more. Take some risks, you never know how they might pay off. I think the point of it all is pretty simple: Make everyday feel like a Friday, even on a Monday (or in this instance, on a Tuesday). Not because we want to get away from our work, but because we welcome more of it. It’s like looking forward to playing with family and friends on the weekend and making it last all week long.

Yep, Monday is becoming a pretty cool thing, even on a Tuesday.

What sorts of interests fuel your passions? What do you look forward to in your week?

This is your community, we want to hear from you.


He looked at the delicate magical runes lightly etched into the soft, brown, leather bracers.

“May they protect you on your journey and be a guard for you both, when there is no other.”

 ~Necromancers’ Pride (deleted excerpt)

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