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Well, the caption above just about says everything. So, if it indeed says it all, I’m sure you’re wondering why it is that I am still writing? Well, that’s because I’m a writer…it’s what I do. Even though the sentiment expressed is clear, there is a lot of emotion behind it that may not be […]

STOP! In 7 days it’s HERE!

Stop, wait a minute. Drop it like it’s HOT.   Now that’s what I’m talking about.   Time to throw your hands in the air and celebrate! We are a week away from launch! Don’t worry, Jason’s blog will be back, but we had to take today to give you the news. The countdown has officially […]

We wouldn’t think of it.

We would NEVER turn our backs on you. However, if we did, you would know who we were.  Getting to launch point on our NEW AND IMPROVED Necromancers’ Pride SITE is something we have been working on a very…very…very long time. Now, we can see the results of all of our sweat equity taking form. And believe me, if […]