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We wouldn’t think of it.

We would NEVER turn our backs on you. However, if we did, you would know who we were.  Getting to launch point on our NEW AND IMPROVED Necromancers’ Pride SITE is something we have been working on a very…very…very long time. Now, we can see the results of all of our sweat equity taking form. And believe me, if […]

Spread the word!

D.W. and I have always been the sort of people who get out there, roll up our shirtsleeves and get to the business of getting to business. If there is a job to be done, we do it. If there is a rewrite that needs to be written, we write it. If there are thanks […]

Juggling life to get the jobs done.

Good day to everyone. This will be a quick one, today. There is much to do as we continue with the second installment of the Necromancers’ Pride Saga, Tides of War.  D.W. and I are currently working on bringing two story lines together. The trick is in giving the lives of the characters the logic […]

Find your grind.

In baseball, it is called the dog days of summer (that about covers what I know about baseball). In football, it is the mid-season grind. We all deal with it. The book has been released. The movie has premiered. The album has dropped … then what? Back to the grind, that’s what. As I have […]

Planning your spontaneity.

Tides of War is well underway. We are very excited to bring it to you once it is complete. In an interview recently, we were asked if we were plotters or pantsers. “Are we what?” D.W. asked. Poor D.W. I often forget he is still learning. In a nutshell, a plotter plans and outlines his […]