The Flame


When does inspiration strike? You know, that small flame that sparks into a blazing inferno of inventive thought and creative engagement. Creativity does not work on a 24-hour clock, unfortunately. Sometime, it seems that it can be far more easily mapped using lunar cycles – one good idea every full moon. That is how it sometimes seems, at any rate.

Then, something magical happens. It begins like a tickle, a soft fluttering in your stomach that stems from an idea so small and formless that you can barely grasp it. Then it grows.  It is the answer to your questions. It is the crystallization of your scattered ideas. It is the oxygen to breathe life into your dreams.

The flame.

We have all felt it. That moment when the path is illuminated and you feel the wind filling your sails. That, dear Priders, is the lifeblood to the creative conscience. That is the flame that sparks your ideas to life. Unfortunately for your circadian rhythm, it usually sparks at the most inopportune moments if REM sleep is your goal. The hours between 1:45 and 4:45 in the morning tend to be rife with amazing ideas. That’s ok, though, because once you feel it, you can’t sleep, anyway. You know what I’m talking about.

The flame.

Necromancers’ Pride was built on a thousand of these flames that subsequently fanned into forest fires of generation. These fires of inspiration did not destroy the forests, towns and structures of Tarune, but rather, gave birth to them. I remind myself of this when I am in between flames, waiting for my next proverbial full moon. The best way to find that spark and feel the warm of that flame; you have to be be willing to keep searching for it.

You are creative beyond measure.

Don’t let feelings of doubt cloud your mind or sully your thoughts with negativity. We all have moments of uncertainty, don’t get me wrong, but having the conviction and strength to work through them is what makes us great. Who knows, your next sleepless night of glorious invention could be just a few hours away! Believe.

When did the flame most recently spark inside of you?

This is your community. Share with us.

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