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Red is the color of fire. It connotes excitement. It suggests exhilaration. Prince didn’t sing about a Corvette that was blue, did he? Nope. The Corvette was red. It was little and it was red. What color was Darth Vader’s light saber? Yep…red. You’d better believe people thought twice when they saw that scarlet glow […]

The Flame

When does inspiration strike? You know, that small flame that sparks into a blazing inferno of inventive thought and creative engagement. Creativity does not work on a 24-hour clock, unfortunately. Sometime, it seems that it can be far more easily mapped using lunar cycles – one good idea every full moon. That is how it […]

Today is the BIG DAY!

┬áNECROMANCERS’ PRIDE – STORM OF SHADOWS HAS ARRIVED! And just in time for the holidays. An amazing book with which to curl up by the fire, read on your break or take on your winter vacation makes a great gift. What more needs to be said? CLICK HERE to get your copy today!