The Full Frontal Question

Parental-advisoryHow much is too much? D.W. and I have been asking ourselves this a lot, as of late. It is a question of exposure. Expose your skin to the sun too long, you get a burn. Expose your film to the light too much, you ruin it. It is called overexposure. Yes, teens, there is such a thing as film. It was used to great effect in the olden days, back before the invention of fire and the wheel. Ask your grandparents about it. There was actually a time when you had to WAIT for your pictures to develop, they didn’t just appear on your camera, tablet or phone.Can you believe it? My daughter and son still marvel at my wife and I when we try to explain this fading process.

The question of exposure still stands. As we grow the brand of Necromancers’ Pride and develop the world in which it takes place, we are are always asking, “How much is too much?” Look, neither one of us have a problem exposing ourselves. Wait, that didn’t sound quite right. Let me try that again. Neither one of us has a problem letting people get to know who we are. Ok … better. However, growing a brand before its release can be a tricky thing. We want to tease and entice, but we can’t go Full Frontal and give away too much, or the excitement we want to build for the release will be gone. Then again, too little exposure and we remain anonymous. In this ever interactive world, anonymity relegates you to obscurity. So the trick is to find the balance between revealing too little, like taking a teen to a G-rated movie, and going full frontal and pushing the rating to an NC-17. The teen would probably appreciate that. The parents … not so much.

So, in the spirit of trying to strike the right balance, we want to start giving you some tastes of Tarune, the home world of Necromancers’ Pride. Below is an excerpt that did not make the book.

How can we continue to pique your interest and raise your level of excitement?

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