The Tale of the Shadow King

Tale of the Shadow King

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I have not written a blog in a while, so I thought I would write one this week! This week is the epic tale of the Shadow King and his possessed sword.

Disclaimer: As always, this is just my addition to the lore of Necromancers’ Pride and not to be taken as canon for the world. 


Long ago in Therid, the sophisticated capital of Keldria, was a dangerous cult called the Spiritus Domini Impiarum Animarum, or The Damned Spirits, led by an ex-Necromancer who was banished. His name was Ki’Lou. They started as a small group whose main goal was to convert the citizens of Keldria to a radical form of necromancy and overthrow the regime in Therid to create an all Necromantic state. On a fateful day, an evil shape shifting spirit by the name of Karheem visited the cult after they had previously attempted to summon a demon. He told Ki’lou that if he were to conquer the city of Keldria, he would be rewarded with the power to shape shift as well. Zealously accepting the offer, Ki’Lou started recruitment and training of new cult members to strike the capital of Keldria.

During the preparation, Karheem morphed himself into a powerful bastard sword for Ki’Lou to use in combat. All of the cult members saw Ki’Lou as a strong lord who wielded a power far beyond comprehension, thus the name: The Shadow King.

In one massive fighting force, the cult attacked Keldria. The battle was a blood bath, with massive casualties on both sides. Ki’Lou at the front of the charge blasted the doors of the royal palace off and charged into the main chamber. With one devastating swipe of his sword, he decapitated the former king of Therid. The Damned Spirits were now in control of the country.

But Karheem had other plans for the cult… something darker and more sinister that no one in the entire cult, not even Ki’Lou, could have foreseen… Tune in next week for the conclusion of what happens to the Shadow King and his newly acquired control of Therid.

What did you think of the story?

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