Which Rich Person Are You?

I met a rich person yesterday, very rich. I mean, the kind of rich that buys a vacation home just for the tax write-off, the kind of rich that pays for his grandkid’s Taco Bell with the black Am Ex card. He probably has a standing tee time at Sherwood Country Club every morning, sleeps on Egyptian cotton sheets with thread counts higher than an outstanding FICO score and has a man servant to tell his butler what to do. It is unfortunate that all I heard from him were complaints. I have a friend who is financially really well off tell me that the old cliche is true, money really doesn’t buy happiness. To that, I’ve always said, “True, but it sure makes miserable a whole lot easier to deal with.”

It wasn’t until I heard this guy yesterday complaining about, well … absolutely everything, that the real truth hit home. With Thanksgiving less than 24 mouth-watering hours away, I am really taking stock of those things for which I am truly thankful. A younger version of me would have envied the rich man. Now, I thank him. Thank you, strange wealth person, for showing me just how much I have in my own life. True, I don’t have the tee time at Sherwood (though, in point of fact, I don’t have the skill to merit one, either), my sheets are more San Fernando blend than Egyptian cotton and the only servant in my house seems to be me, but I am very happy.


Why, because my happiness is being bought not with money, but with love, laughter and sweat equity. I get up, work hard, play most of the time and repeat. It is amazing how doing what you love really fills in all the gaps in your life.

So, you see, I am rich! And as the smells of the holiday fill my home with warmth and the sounds of my children’s laughter fill my heart, I am also very thankful.

What do you do that makes you truly happy? What are you looking forward to on Thanksgiving?

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