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The craft of writing is a fickle bedfellow. Always beckoning, you keep returning to her for a fulfillment that is never truly to be had. All authors know this. We write because we have to. We write because it fills a need deep within our souls. It is this need we seek to satisfy. The problem is, it is an unquenchable thirst that draws us back to the well, again and again. We finish a chapter, for example, and feel the smallest sense of accomplishment, only to immediately begin to wonder and speculate as to what is to come in the pages ahead.

Ah, the trials and tribulations of being a storyteller.

I bring this up because we are deep in the throes of writing book three of the Necromancers’ Pride Saga – Storm of Shadows. With each chapter completed we delve even deeper into the Known Kingdoms, fulfilled only inasmuch as it allows us a sturdier platform from which to move forward.

Currently, we are focusing on Gascon, the character we have most often been told people love to hate. There are some very interesting new developments coming for our beloved and reviled antagonist. To that end, today we thought we would leave you with an excerpt from an earlier time in Gascon’s life. We just want to whet your appetite for what is to come with him. Happy reading.



As Gascon approached the gilded, wrought iron door to the Weaver’s Theater, he was saluted by one of the guards that was making his rounds on the parapet.

“Good day, Master Weaver,” the guard said. “Peace be yours.”

“Yes, and may a good day’s peace rest with you, good guardsman.  We are made safer by your ever vigilant watch,” Gascon responded with a flourish.  As a Weaver he was a showman, first and foremost. 

The guardsman bowed deeply, smiling widely as he opened the heavy door for Gascon. 

Another enraptured fan, Gascon thought.  He dismissed the guard from his mind the very moment the door closed behind him.  Gascon did not have to actually like people, only convince them that he did.  

Necromancers’ Pride ~ (deleted excerpt)


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