Caiya’s blog: Who would I take to Starbucks?

Hey guys!

So today I wanted to talk about how cool the Great Muse is!

She is an awesome female figure and truly lives up to her name!

She is a great leader, and even sometimes short tempered, but still pretty cool! I find her an inspiring female figure who I’d definitely go out to Starbucks with, whether it be discussing a book or plans to save the world! I’d be cool!

Since I got a new kitty, I wanted to portray her as a cat! (Because they’re so cute! :3 mew!) Check out the blue eyes and blonde hair! It is a perfect feline interpretation of the Great Muse.

image1 (14)

Stay posted guys!!!! I had tons of homework, so the post is short but sweet. Sort of like me, but I’m tall but sweet!


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