What are these 3 up too?

Life is better in 3’s.

Once, twice, three times a lady.

Three strikes and you’re out.

Cerberus was the three-headed monster who guarded hades in Greek mythology.

Dorothy had to click her heels three times to get home from Oz.

Once a mistake, twice an arrangement, three times it’s jazz.

Three ring-circus. Three square meals a day. Threepeats. Trilogies. Third time’s the charm.

Yep. That is true. There is a lot of charm in three. As it just so happens, we have three charming 3’s of our own.

Say hi to Caiya, Aragorn and Jason. This is Necromancers’ Pride’s contribution to the power of three. They are always having fun and enjoying life. So, yes…life IS better in 3’s!

What do you think of our 3’s? What famous 3 quotes do you have for us?

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