Change for the better.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. That cliched turn of phrase is very true, especially in the world of literature. As we work on book 3 in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga, Storm of Shadows, we deal with the very same issues as we had in writing Quest for Elderstone and Tides of War. We are constantly writing and revising our work, just as in the other two installments. That is a good thing. Yes it is.

Writing, as D.W. is fond of reminding me, is rewriting. Though the story has moved forward, the characters have developed and the plot thickened, it is still the same process in which we must commit ourselves to see the end result. For today’s post, I wanted to revisit an excerpt from our earlier writing that ultimately changed in our creation of the world. This has to do with Velladriana and her manifestation of power. For those who are caught up on the story, you will understand immediately where the difference is found. For those new to the world, we do not want to give too much away. Suffice to say, our original catalyst for the development of Velladriana’s powers was far different than it exists in the novels now. After writing and rewriting, just like now, we came up with what we felt is the strongest story (D.W. would call it the sexiest choice).

Writing is rewriting. The more the plots twist, the more the characters change and the more we develop the world, that fact will always remain the same. Happy reading.


A ring of medium sized stones had been placed close to one of the oak trees and a fire had been set there within. Mama Weaver used Velladriana’s hand to turn the page.  Immediately, more colors on the new pages began forming into pictures and rune writing.  On this page, hand positions for spell casting took shape.  On that page, formulas and depictions of strange objects, some wands, others strange beakers filled with liquids that looked real enough to spill out of the tome came into vivid clarity.  Page after page of creatures both bizarre and bestial took form.  They appeared to be staring right out of the book at the trio, as if they were about to leap from the pages and into the reality of the chill forest night.

~ Necromancers’ Pride (deleted excerpt)

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