How does the future get better?

The future looks bright. The world of Necromancers’ Pride is continuing to develop. From the books to the merchandise, we are continuing to innovate and develop. We had a fantastic shoot this past weekend for the new Oracle Line. We are developing the story for the final novel in the book series. As we continue to grow, we have our eyes on the future, while honoring the past we have thus far created.

This picture speaks to me on many levels. It speaks of strength. It speaks of fun. It speaks of focus. Our future is bright, and it is filled with laughter and community. Sometimes, it is the smallest of things that give greatness to an endeavor. Here in the world of Necromancers’ Pride, it is a family affair. From all of the amazing models that rock our gear, to all of our loved ones that inspire us to create the characters that we cherish, to all of you who are vital to our growth, we are building a community of family.

Now, I may indeed be looking dashing in the Viper’s Legion Series Badge T-shirt, but I think that there is an up-and-coming Viper that may even give Reese a run for his money. When the smallest of things have the focus and determination that Logan is displaying, the future will surely be bright, indeed.

What do you think of how we are developing our world?

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