How to Come Up with Ideas!

Hey guys!

Since last week’s blog post was so popular (the “How to Write a Blog Post” thingy), I am going to make another one!

This one will be How to Come Up with Ideas (because I have no idea what to write about).

Alright! Every once in a while, everyone runs out of ideas. Which is crazy, because your mind has an extreme amount of thought happening at a single moment. So much so that, if you think about it, it will just add another thought into the mix.

But, as a person who is typically creative, even I sometimes run out of ideas.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned from my experience to help me gather ideas:

1. Use someone as an inspiration. Use your favorite blogger or vlogger to make videos of your own! I’m DEFINITELY NOT saying to use their ideas. OH GOSH NO!!! That brings in so much stuff, like copyright infringement and being rude.

I find that one of my favorite Youtubers, Dan Howell (or Danisnotonfire), is inspiring to me. His awkwardness really touches my heart.

2. Make up a new animal. Whether it be all of your favorite animals combined (narwhal-cat-panda-lion) or fiercest ones (shark-bear-snake-honey badger) or the fluffiest ones (red panda-puppy-otter) or the weirdest ones (blobfish-sloth-axolotl), make it your own!

3. Doodle! Did you know that most of Dr. Seuss’s inspirations came from doodling? YA LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY, EYY!!?

4. Be like me and wing it. I hope I come up with something, but most of the time I write about what I don’t know what to write. I sometimes procrastinate on the internet and something will catch my eye and inspire me. Or, I ask my dad. That’s cool, too.

5. Advise people. Give them advice.
Ex: How To’s
Ex: Things You Wish You Knew When You Were Younger
Ex: Best Places to Buy Fried Chicken

The possibilities are endless.

That’s it for now guys! Stay posted!


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