Introducing: The Viper’s Legions


Many people have expressed interest in Reese and his backstory. Well, we don’t want to give away too much, so instead of who Reese is, we have decided to give you some information on what Reese is. Without further ado, here is some information on the Viper’s Legions.


The Viper’s Legions: The name of one of the deadliest fighting forces in the world of Necromancers’ Pride, the Viper’s Legions are the army of the small country of Morilan. While the monarchy of Morilan (The Ivory Crown) is passed through matriarchal lines, the Viper, or head of the military, is the title given to the king. The legions are known as the Thorn of the Ivory Crown, but it is the king who is the military leader. Should there not be a living king, the Ivory Crown will appoint a Viper until she is wed. At that time, the title of Viper and the powers vested there within will transfer to the new king of Morilan. Known both singularly and in plural, they are referred to by some as the Viper’s Legion. This distinction defines them as the whole of Morilan’s military might. From a tactical perspective, the Morilander army is actually made up of four legions, each legion constituting a fighting force of 6,ooo legionnaires. Within each legion, the warriors are broken down into cavalry, infantry and ballistic divisions. Each legion is led by its own general, while each division has its own lower commanding officers.

It is said that from the moment a Viper’s training starts, pain is their constant companion. The Viper’s recruits are subjected to all manners of hardships throughout their training. They are taught that life is hard and unfair. To survive, they must be harder, so hard that they have no need for fairness. A Viper’s Legionnaire will refer to himself as a Viper, referring to the King of Morilan as the Viper King. Theirs is a brotherhood of loyalty forged by pain, a unity of commitment tempered by hardships endured.

The Viper’s Legions are known for their ferocity in battle, as well as for the viciousness of their tactics and the torturous training they must endure. Their training begins by giving each recruit a dose of poison. If the recruit is able to survive the first night, the training then truly begins. They are steadily poisoned, among other tortures, in order to build their tolerance to the dreaded suits of armor that will be their reward for surviving the arduous training. The suits of armor are laced with poison, causing searing pain and often death to those who touch any part of them. The Viper’s tolerance does not make the suits of armor easier to bear. Rather, the tolerance strengthens their constitution to such a degree that they become accustomed to the constant effects of the poison.

Morilan is a small country and does not have the population to support a huge army. However, they are a rich kingdom as a result of their deep and vast diamond mines. As such, they have the capacity to pay for the powerful armor their elite warriors don. Further, it is said that one Viper is as destructive as any five warriors of any other kingdom. They may have far fewer soldiers than are found in other armadas, but their impact is devastating on the battlefield. It is widely believed that second only to the Oslyn (and a very close second at that), the Viper’s Legionnaires are the deadliest force of warriors on the face of Tarune.

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