Jason’s Blog: The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune – The Forgotten Lair/Valley of Souls (Part I)

The Seven Mystical Wonders of Tarune: The Forgotten Lair/Valley of Souls (Part 1)
Hello Everyone! HAPPY FRIDAY!
Today we travel to the Northeast of Tarune to learn about “The Forgotten Lair”.
DISCLAIMER: Remember, all of this content is a fictional story I created to add more mystical and magical depth to Necromancers Pride, from my perspective. It does not really exist in that world, but wouldn’t it be cool if it did?
Located deep within the Circle of Ice, this old prison used to be home to hundreds of Lyndrinians that were nabbed by the Therak’Onian Empire. This barbaric place claimed countless lives. It is called The Forgotten Lair because of it seclusive, hidden location. No one knew of the existence of this prison until a Necromancer named Eth trekked to the Circle of Ice to explore the region for his dark lords. He discovered the Circle of Ice to be rich in the energies of the magics. He magically relayed the location of the prison to his masters just before being discovered by the Therak’Onian guardsmen, who saw him as an immediate threat and attacked. Eth stood little chance.
After Eth’s passing, a large contingent of Necromancers from Crag Vestis, along with hired mercenaries, were dispatched to claim the prison as their own. The Necromancers were triumphant in the battle and destroyed not only all of the Therak’Onian’s, but every Lyndrian as well. They stored the souls of their victims inside Soul Crystals for magical experimentation. Once a prison, The Forgotten Lair now turned into a Necromantic conduit to channel power from the region.
But the Necromancers would not be toasting their success with spiced wine just yet, there was still work that had to be done against their most hated foe… Join me next week to learn about what will happen next at the Forgotten Lair…
Think of this as a miniseries inside the bigger series! As always everyone, I’ll see ya, next week!

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