Last chance to SAVE for 2015!!!

The BLOCKBUSTER YEAR’S END SALE in conjunction with the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network is charging along with heat, folks! We are headed into the final leg of the sale now.

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Get the e-book version of the novel that started it all, NECROMANCERS’ PRIDE ~ QUEST FOR ELDERSTONE, for the low, rock-bottom price of just $.99!! Under one dollar for magic and adventure! What could be better?

The sale ends at midnight on New Year’s Eve! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, when we bid 2015 a fond adieu, so too will we say so long to the savings. Don’t wait. Just a COUPLE OF DAYS LEFT! Now is your chance to get in on the savings, as well as to get in on the adventure.

Velladriana, Corwyn, Reese, Dolthaia, Crispin, Harper, Eryk, Rogen, all the favorites you love, along with all the favorites you love to hate, are waiting to invite you into their world.

And, lest we forget, there are many other brilliant authors with incredible tales of fantasy and imagination on whose works you can get your hands. Did you see that? No sentence ending prepositions here!

Go to for all the savings! But hurry, when 2015 ends, so does the sale! So, come on, let’s ring 2016 in with a mystical BANG!

What do you think of all the titles available?

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