Necromancers’ Pride: Spell Casting – Prismatic Shield


Spell: Prismatic Shield

Strand: Oracle

School: Metaphysical

Primary component minerals: Proximity to precious stones: diamonds, rubies, sapphire, emeralds, opals, etc. 

Application: Defensive

One of the more complete and dominating defensive spells in any casters arsenal, the prismatic shield serves as a defense to various types of offensive attacks. Each color of the visible spectrum lends its own particular power to the shielding effect. This spell is so effective, in fact, that it is taught (though in lesser form) in each of the other Strands of the Magics.

Note: Even Healers, whose skill with the magics manifest solely in Healing spells, have a rudimentary ability with this spell. It is, in fact, considered a gateway spell to casting in that Strand. The only Magi who cannot manifest a form of the Prismatic Shield are Battle Magi. Necromancers have a very weak skill with this, instead using this as a basic structure for one of their more powerful defensive spells: the ghast-wall. That spell will be covered at another time.

Pulling the universal magics from the surrounding environment creates the Prismatic Shield. Proximity to precious stones enhances the magical energy without drawing excessive amounts from the environment, thus allowing the spell caster to maintain a stronger shield and sustain it for longer periods of time. It is for that reason that most wands, staffs or magical rods are created with some sort of precious stone either prominently displayed on them, or the dust of said stones laced within the magical instrument.

Counter to layman’s myth, the prismatic shield works equally as well during the day or night, as light is generated from the spell itself and is not necessary for its creation. The stronger the spell caster, the longer the spell can be maintained and the larger the range of ground it can cover. Though the name of the spell is “prismatic shield,” the shield itself can be conjured into virtually any form of the spell caster’s choosing and ability. A more skillful caster can conform the spell to various geometric and anomalous shapes. The spell is also mobile, being able to move with the caster to any part of the battle in which he or she is engaged. It can also be anchored to a specific location, maintaining itself there as long as the skilled Magus can concentrate on it. Again, nearness to precious stones heightens the strength and staying power of the shield.

Necromantic spells weaken the shield the fastest, though the powerful offensive spells of the Battle Magi can wreak havoc on the shields as well. The prismatic shield is not invincible, but it is a very powerful defensive spell, which can counter any magics thrown against it. It has saved the lives of many a Magus over the course of history.

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